Line Painting

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What is Line Painting?

For pedestrian and vehicle traffic to be guided in a correct and safe manner there needs to be an effective layout for them to follow. The arrows, road lines, parking stalls and stencils found throughout the entire parking lot make up the layout of the asphalt. Either the asphalt has been freshly laid, and the layout must be designed and painted from scratch, or the lines have faded from a previous layout application, and they need to be repainted. Either way, it is essential for the safety and efficiency of the parking lot to have a highly visible line painting layout to direct the flow of traffic and maximize the available parking space. Line painting service is carried out by using a line painting machine and an operator. The layout is marked out with chalk to ensure no mistakes are made, and the gas-powered paint machine allows the lines to be painted straight and in a timely manner. MTO-approved paints are used to ensure that they are both highly visible, durable and fast curing so there are limited disruptions to the operations of the businesses served by the parking lot.

Why Should You Line Stripe Your Parking Lot?

There are many benefits to having your parking lot professionally line painted. The main reason is to keep the vehicles and pedestrians as safe as possible while navigating throughout your property. Having a highly visible layout for everyone to follow will ensure that traffic flows in the correct direction and that pedestrians are crossing at the designated crosswalks. An effective parking lot layout will also create the most space for cars to park, ensuring the maximum number of customers on your property and at your place of business. There are also city codes that must be met when it comes to the accessible parking spaces and their visibility. Our parking lot line painting service ensures that all markings and stencils are ADA compliant.

Free Onsite Consultation For your line painting project