Why Core Aeration?

  • Reduces Soil Compaction
  • Reduces and Breaks Up Thatch Barrier
  • Heat and Drought Stress Protection
  • Improves Fertilizer Uptake
  • Improves Seed Germination Results
  • Spurs New Turf Growth
  • Improves Soil Drainage
  • Reduces Spring Runoff
  • Helps Reduce Need for Weed Control
  • Helps Reduce Need for Insect Control
  • Encourages Root System Growth
  • Increases Oxygen Content in the Soil
  • Water Bill Savings
  • Free Top Dressing
  • Increases Curb Appeal and Property Value

At Canadian Property Stars we maintain that Core Aeration is the single most important lawn maintenance practice due to its unique ability to directly benefit your lawns root system. Health Roots = Health Lawn and an annual Core Aeration is a crucial part of any successful lawn maintenance program.

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