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What is “Pure & Safe” Window Cleaning?

Pure & Safe window cleaning is a modern method of exterior window cleaning where extendable poles are fed de-ionized water to wash and rinse the glass panes, frames and sills.

  • De-ionized water leaves no streaks and spots and allows for thorough cleaning without detergents – hence the “pure”.
  • Lightweight, extendable water-fed poles allow for a completely safe, liability-free and less invasive service to be performed – hence the “safe”.

Pure Water Overview

Regular tap water contains varying levels of mineral salts known as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that leave a fine, white film on glass that attracts dust particles. In some Canadian cities, the TDS content of the municipal water supply is quite high; this is often referred to as having “hard water”. A process known as “de-ionization” solves this problem by first running a homeowner’s tap water through a special tank that contains charged particles that remove the streak & spot-forming ions, creating water that is 99.99% pure. When applied to your windows, this “Pure Water” absorbs and washes away the dirt...and when it dries, your windows will be perfectly clean!

Safe Window Cleaning Overview

Don’t let the concern of safety and liability hold you back from having your exterior windows, frames and sills professionally cleaned. Ladders and scaffolds are not the only option for reaching upper storey windows. Safe window cleaning providers make use of lightweight telescopic poles, often constructed with carbon-fibre or aircraft aluminum, that can be extended to easily reach your second and third storey windows without ever having to leave the ground. Not only is this the safest possible way to have your windows cleaned, it means fewer disturbances to your lawn and flowerbeds and greater privacy for your family while the service is being performed.

What Are the Unique Benefits of Pure & Safe Window Cleaning?

  • Streak and Spot Free Cleaning: Traditional window cleaning using regular water with detergents can leave spots and streaks on your windows. Washing with pure, de-ionized water leaves windows sparkling clean with no residual signs of the cleaning process once the windows dry.
  • Cost Effective: Setting up and taking down ladders and/or scaffolding adds time to the window washing process – and time is money in business. Pure and Safe Window Cleaning exclusively uses lightweight water-fed telescopic poles that allow the technician to spend maximum time attending to your windows rather than fiddling with equipment. The end result is a service that matches the quality of traditional cleaning methods but for less cost.
  • Liability: Not only do ladders and scaffolding add to the time required to complete a window cleaning job, they greatly add to the risk of technician injury and the potential exposure of a homeowners to liability. Pure & Safe window cleaning washes away such worries by strictly using extendable poles so that the technician’s feet never leave the ground.
  • Clean More Often: As we have learned, the modern safer way is quicker and less expensive. This means that homeowners can have their windows, sills and frames cleaned more often which is better in the long term for their most important investment and, in the short term, it’s nice to know that there is a safe, affordable option when your windows need a good cleaning.
  • Environment: Pure & Safe window cleaning performed by companies such as Canadian Property Stars rely strictly on de-ionized water – and no detergents or other cleaners. This means that the process is completely safe for your flowers, lawn, pets and family. Moreover, the use of extendable poles also reduces the impact of ladders or scaffolding on gardens and beds along the side of the house.
  • Privacy: Another benefit of ladderless window cleaning is that you don’t have to worry about the privacy issues presented by cleaning technicians up on ladders with a clear view inside your home.

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Pure & Safe Window Cleaning FAQs

  • What is de-ionized water?

    De-ionized water starts as regular tap water or well water that has been treated in order to eliminate its Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). TDS are minute particles that are suspended or dissolved in water. These ‘dissolved’ solids are less than two micrometres in size and completely undetectable to the eye. They don’t sink but remain in suspension under normal conditions. The process of de-ionization involves passing a homeowner’s water through a multi-stage filtered tank system that contains an ion exchange resin which “exchanges” the dissolved solids with hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions. These new ions then combine to form pure water, with spot-forming solids almost 100% removed. The process of de-ionization takes mere seconds.

  • My tap water is “soft” – what is the benefit of washing my windows with de-ionized water?

    While it is true that untreated “soft” water will leave less spots and streaks on windows, even very “soft” water contains minute levels of dissolved solids. De-ionization is recommended for all levels of water hardness since it only makes sense to perform a job in the best manner possible – especially a job like exterior window cleaning that requires specialized equipment.

  • Are ladders ever used in Pure & Safe window cleaning?

    No, technicians are not provided with ladders and are prohibited from using a homeowner’s ladder if it is offered. The insurance carrier of Pure & Safe window cleaners such as Canadian Property Stars have been assured that the service is performed strictly with extendable poles, which is factored into their commercial insurance coverage premium.

  • How do I know that the TDS has been removed from my tap water?

    Companies such as Canadian Property Stars that offer Pure Water window cleaning supply their technicians with an inexpensive handheld device which
    can easily measure the TDS level of the water exiting the de-ionization tank. The measurement will be in Parts Per Million (PPM). Depending on the type of dissolved minerals in the water supply, windows can be washed with water with a TDS reading up to 100 PPM and still leave no streaks or spots.

  • Is soap or detergent ever used in Pure & Safe window cleaning?

    Perhaps by some companies but Canadian Property Stars (CPS) does not use any soap or detergents in its window washing process. Instead, CPS scrubs its customers’ windows with medium-hard bristle brush that has a constant stream of de-ionized water flowing from it that is entirely safe on glass but hardy enough to remove dirt, grime and mildew deposited on the surface of glass, frames and window sills.