Asphalt Driveway Ramp

Ready to receive your free asphalt ramp quote?

Ready to receive your free asphalt ramp quote?

What is An Asphalt Ramp?

When your driveway is first laid it is made flush with the lip of your garage, sloping downward to ensure water flows away from your home. Over time, the asphalt moves; it expands and contracts with the freeze and thaw cycle giving way for water to penetrate the asphalt surface. Once water gets beneath the asphalt it starts to wash away the base, causing your driveway to sink…

Your driveway which was once flush with your garage now sits inches lower and continues to sink until the issue is addressed!

Luckily, there is an effective solution to this problem – installing a hot asphalt ramp.

A hot asphalt ramp is installed at the top of your driveway to correct the height difference between the garage lip and the asphalt.

Installing a properly graded ramp made with high quality materials will not only fix the immediate problem of having a sunken driveway, but will also fix NUMEROUS issues that arise from having a sunken driveway such as…

  • Prevent further asphalt damage and weed growth at the lip of your garage
  • Provide a properly graded surface for vehicle traffic, eliminating damage concerns to your axle and bumper
  • Create proper water runoff reducing chances of foundation damage to your home

Asphalt Ramp Installation

Like most home improvement projects, there are different products and procedures that can be carried out to install an asphalt ramp on to your driveway…but just like everything else, different methods offer varying results.

Canadian Property Stars has been providing asphalt maintenance across Ontario for 15 years. Through years of service delivery, experience, and industry knowledge, we have developed a ramp installation process matched by no one!

Below are the benefits Canadian Property Stars Ramp Installation process

No cold, bagged asphalt

If attempting to build a ramp yourself, or going with the local contractor, the ramp will be constructed with store-bought bagged asphalt. This is not ideal for a ramp build because the cold asphalt will not bind to the driveway and it will not hold the weight of your vehicle. Instead of offering a product made of sub par products, Canadian Property Stars invested in the machinery and training to offer ramps made from HOT asphalt sourced directly from the asphalt plant. Comprised of the same quality of materials used in parking lot and road repair, your Canadian Property Stars hot asphalt ramp will stand the test of time, hold its form through harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic and it will also look amazing!

State of the art equipment

Canadian Property Stars invested in the best equipment to ensure our hot asphalt ramps are completed effectively with optimal end results. Our Marathon Hot Box allows us to transport premium hot asphalt from the asphalt plant directly to your driveway without any loss of quality. Our gas-powered plate compactor allows us to compact the freshly laid asphalt, so the ramp keeps its perfect form and doesn’t break under the weight of the vehicle. Building the optimal asphalt ramp takes a lot of specialized equipment that many contractors do not have access to. Canadian Property Stars invested in the right equipment to ensure our customers receive the best results!

Professionally trained technicians

Canadian Property Stars technicians have been providing asphalt maintenance services for 15 years in Ontario. The combination of experience and professional training in the use of specialized equipment makes the Canadian Property Stars asphalt ramp building process and end results impossible to beat! Creating an effective asphalt ramp takes both the right products and the right process, both of which are learned through years of experience and training!

Ready to receive your free asphalt ramp quote?