Terms and Conditions

Service Conditions & Limitations

Canadian Property Stars reserves the right to confirm the lot / driveway / house size before commencing the service.

  • The seller is not authorised to promise specific delivery dates for any service.
  • The seller is not authorised to alter any aspect of the programs except to adjust the lot size for front or backyard lawn services only.
  • The customer agrees to provide Canadian Property Stars with timely access to their property (including backyard) in order to deliver the necessary applications/treatments/services.
  • The customer acknowledges that the lawn care services provided by Canadian Property Stars do not replace, or render unnecessary, proper watering, lawn cutting and weed management practices throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons.
  • The power raking service will remove excess moss from your lawn, but it will not completely remove all moss.

100% Workmanship Guarantee

  • Canadian Property Stars prides itself on its 100% workmanship guarantee which means that the customer does not pay until the customer is satisfied with the work performed.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • We understand that emergencies sometimes do arise unexpectedly. If you need to cancel a service, we request that you give 48-hour notice. A full refund will be provided for all aspects of the service not yet provided or performed. 
  • Canadian Property Stars reserves the right to cancel a service, and to provide a full refund if paid in advance, if it determines that the customer’s actual property size is larger than the size that corresponds to the quoted/paid price or is located outside of the company’s service area.
  • For sales completed in person after a direct sales interaction, the cancellation provisions of the respective provincial buyer’s/consumer’s right to cancel regulations will apply.

Sales Taxes

  • The applicable sales tax (whether provincial sales tax only or a harmonized federal and provincial sales tax, as the case may be) based on the customer’s address provided will be applied.
  • If Canadian Property Stars advertises a “Save the Tax” promotion, the company will embed the sales tax into the advertised pre-tax price for the service so that the amount payable equals the pre-tax price. For all sales, Canadian Property Stars will remit the corresponding sales tax to the relevant authorities.

Price Policy

  • Canadian Property Stars prides itself on its unique Transparent Pricing Policy for online and telephone sales. The price charged will be as advertised as long as the customer has accurately described the size of their property / home / driveway.