Hot Asphalt Repairs

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What Are Hot Asphalt Repairs?

Eventually, areas of asphalt become too damaged for crack sealing or sealcoating and are in need of a more serious form of repair. Once the asphalt becomes too deteriorated, it is cut out, removed and replaced with new, hot asphalt. There are many different situations where hot asphalt patching is used as a repair solution such as heavily cracked areas, sinkage, pot-holes and damaged catch basins. The old asphalt is cut out using a gas-powered saw, it is removed from site and replaced with asphalt from the asphalt plant. Once the hot asphalt is applied to the desired area it is raked and compacted flush with the existing asphalt surface. Once the asphalt has been left to settle and harden, hot rubber is used to bead the perimeter of the new asphalt to ensure a water-tight seal.

Why Should You Use Hot Asphalt For Your Repair Project?

Repairing damaged asphalt on your parking lot offers numerous benefits ranging from structural to cosmetic. Once asphalt has cracked beyond repair, water is able to penetrate the base and cause further damage to the structure of the parking lot. Replacing the damaged asphalt with new hot asphalt helps ensure that no new damage will occur to the affected area. Leaving potholes on your property also generates a safety concern. Large holes can damage vehicles, or potentially cause harm to an unsuspecting pedestrian. A parking lot with many potholes and cracks does not appear appealing to customers and patrons. Keeping up with the asphalt maintenance and repairing the potholes and cracked areas with new hot asphalt will not only keep the parking lot structurally sound, but will also be aesthetically pleasing to the patrons of your business.

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