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Canadian Property Stars uses industry-leading carbon-fibre telescopic poles with freshly deionized water to provide homeowners with a cost-effective window washing experience that is perfectly safe, streak-free and environmentally friendly.

Contractor cleaning windows with telescopic pole.

Our Process: Our exclusive use of carbon-fibre telescopic poles resolves the #1 customer concern: the risk of ladders and scaffolding. By extending our lightweight telescopic poles, we're able to easily reach your second and third storey windows without ever having to leave the ground. This means fewer disturbances to your lawn and flowerbeds and greater privacy for your family while we work.

With the risk factor out of the way, we turn to customers' 2nd biggest concern: streaks and spots. Regular tap water contains varying levels of mineral salts known as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that leave a fine, white film on glass that attracts dust particles. Our custom-made mobile de-ionization tanks solve this problem by removing the streak & spot-forming ions from your outdoor tap water, creating water that is 99.99% pure. When applied to your windows, this Pure Water will automatically absorb and wash away the dirt...and when it dries, your windows will be perfectly clean!

There is nothing better than fresh, sparkling, clean windows to brighten up your day and the look of your home...all without the risk of injury to yourself or others. Try out the Canadian Property Stars window washing service today and you will not be disappointed!

Dwelling Type Size Price
Small Bungalow Small bungalow From
Medium Bungalow Medium bungalow From
Large Bungalow Large bungalow From
Small Two-Storey Small two-storey From
Medium Two-Storey Medium two-storey From
Large Two-Storey Large two-storey From

Why Should Property Stars Wash Your Windows?

  • We Will Eliminate Mold and Mildew from Windows, Frames and Sills
  • We Will Brighten Up the Look and Feel of Your Home
  • We Will Save You Costs Over the Long-Term by Preserving Your Windows
  • We Use Green Products that are Safe for Your Flowers, Lawn, Pets and Family